2015 headshot22From experience I know some of you will want to know about my credentials, others of you will want to hear me talk about my work, and others of you will just want to know a bit about me. I provide these descriptions here.


I am a licensed psychologist with over ten years of experience in psychology. I hold a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. I work with individuals across the lifespan, providing therapy and have also conducted comprehensive psychological and educational assessments. I have a range of experience stemming from my work in a variety of settings. I have conducted assessments in one of the top hospitals in the nation for rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury, provided therapy in college counseling centers such as North Carolina’s flagship state university, UNC- Chapel Hill, and provided various services in private practices. I am a member of the North Carolina Psychological Association (NCPA).

Professional Statement

Clients describe my therapeutic style as empathic, accepting, and genuine. I believe firmly in the resilience of people and their ability to make positive changes in their lives through challenging therapeutic work. I have an enduring respect for my clients and I feel continually honored to share in their stories. I approach most therapy cases with a two-pronged strategy which includes generating and implementing strategies to offer symptom relief, as well as working to identify and modify root causes for a client’s presenting concerns. I work within an integrative and eclectic therapy model. This means the way I think about and understand people is influenced by several psychological schools of thought (psychodynamic, humanistic/existential, and feminist theories) and furthermore, I use techniques from many different therapeutic approaches. I believe no two clients are the same and therefore therapy works best when I tailor my approach to each individual. I also believe in empowering clients to take ownership of their own therapy by being actively involved in the tailoring process.


I approach my personal life with the same passion and intensity I utilize in my work. I value time, honesty, and acceptance. I was formerly a competitive athlete and I still enjoy running and cycling. I’ve lived in large cities and small towns up and down the east coast. I enjoy yoga and mindful meditation. I also enjoy painting and playing music, although I’m not particularly talented in either art! I love time with family and friends and I enjoy dark chocolate, travel, warm weather, dogs, and laughter.