Services for Adults

For individuals…

Man ContemplatingIndividual therapy with adults is my passion. I provide therapy for individuals who want to work on a specific problem or those who want to engage in personal growth, self-reflection, and individual empowerment. I have a range of experience working with a variety of common concerns of both women and men. These include the following:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Chronic illness
• Trauma (including sexual assault and abuse)
• Relationship concerns
• Divorce
• Grief and loss
• Life transitions and events.

I also specialize in working with women and other marginalized groups.

For Individuals Impacted by Cancer…

I have a unique specialization in working with individuals and families impacted by cancer. I see individuals in all stages of diagnosis and with varied prognoses. I work with individuals to manage and improve the psychological impact of their illness, such as contending with “chemo brain,” grieving the loss of identity and independence, and coping with changes in physical ability and appearance. I also help individuals and families who are facing a terminal diagnosis with end-of-life therapy and grief-and-loss work.

For Couples…


Couples therapy allows two individuals who may be experiencing life from two very different perspectives to gain a greater sense of empathy, compassion, and respect for one another. I aim to provide a safe and secure environment where both individuals can describe and problem-solve any challenges related to issues in the relationship. Often times, partners fall into patterns which may cause distress in their interactions. When I work with couples I observe these patterns and provide guidance to help couples strengthen their own abilities to notice when an unhealthy pattern is being activated. I subsequently help couples learn healthier and more functional methods of interaction. Alternatively, I have also worked with couples who have already made the decision to divorce on processing the loss of the marriage, attaining closure, and establishing co-parenting plans.
As a feminist therapist, I work with couples of all backgrounds and welcome working with bi-racial, same-sex, polyamorous, and other non-traditional couples.